Show of the Week: Merry Fallout Christmas!

Published 2 years ago by Andy Farrant

Let's spruce this place up

Merry Fallout Christmas! In the spirit of the season, we bring cheer to the residents of Fallout 4's Sanctuary by decking the halls of the tumbledown shanty town. Some would say a light-up Christmas tree that requires three large generators to power is excessive in a town that doesn't have a clean water supply, but those people are grinches whom you must ignore.

Later in the show, we talk calendar-based seasonal surprises in games, such as those of Batman: Arkham City's Calendar Man, who is really committed to his bit, that bit doing awful things on various public holidays.

His charming Christmas story, which you will hear if you visit him on 25 December, involves him strangling a street corner Santa then lynching a judge with a string of Christmas lights. Merry Christmas!

It's not just Christmas surprises either. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain includes a birthday party in which your Boss gets cake, cigars and a carefully non-copyright-infringing birthday song. You guys! Did Ocelot put you up to this?

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