Show of the Week: The Division Beta and 5 Ways Games Really Trashed New York

Published 2 years ago by Andy Farrant

NYC you later

Another day, another beta for a Tom Clancy game. This time it's for The Division, a post-apocalyptic online shooter set in a New York City in the midst of a crisis caused by a weaponised smallpox virus. What is it with videogames and wrecking up the Big Apple? Show of the Week investigates.

David Cage joint Indigo Prophecy, for instance, hits the City So Nice They Named It Twice with a grim snowpocalypse, whereas Prototype unleashes the Blacklight virus on city dwellers, turning most into gross plague monsters.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, on the other hand, really makes a mess of this hell of a town by raining on-fire helicopters on downtown Manhattan in a Russian invasion.

Just to be sure there'll be nowhere for the stock brokers to work come Monday, US forces cap it off by airstriking the heck out of the financial district. What did New York ever do to you, videogames?

Tom Clancy's The Division comes out on 8 March 2016 on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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