Mafia 3 Gameplay Shows a 1960s Open World That Feels Totally Fresh

Published 3 years ago by Mike Channell

The Big Sleazy

If you're familiar with the Mafia series, you might be wondering why the lead character in this Mafia 3 gameplay isn't wearing a snappy suit and a fedora. That's because this isn't the romanticised adventures of the Italian mob, it's about a man called Lincoln Clay out to systematically disassemble the Mafia and replacing it with a motley crew of criminals. And that's not the only reason the game's fictionalised New Orleans feels fresh.

The 1968 setting has several positive upshots. An excellent period soundtrack for a start, which includes The Beach Boys, Aretha Franklin and the Rolling Stones. It's also a particularly politically charged period of US history, with protests against the Vietnam War and tensions over the African American Civil Rights Act. As a mixed-race Vietnam vet, Lincoln finds himself in the centre of it all.

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