8 Loading Screens That Tried to Keep You Entertained

Published 3 years ago by Andy Farrant

Lighten the load

In 1995, publisher Namco gave the world Time Crisis, Tekken 2 and a patent for a system that ran minigames in the loading screens of other games, which kept anyone else from doing that for over two decades. Consider the ways these games tried to keep you entertained during load times with things that weren't Galaxian.

Take historic stabbing simulator Assassin's Creed, whose four pillars of gameplay are free running, an open world, stealth and running in small circles in the loading screen.

In the fiction of Assassin's Creed, this loading screen on your games machine represents the loading screen inside the Animus. And while the Animus is busy loading ancestral memories right off of your genetic material, it's got just enough RAM to render an infinite plain of twinkly Animus code that you can run on.

FIFA, meanwhile, carves off a little piece of its game and puts it in the loading screens, letting you hone your skills while in the background your console gets stuff ready for your next match.

I say 'hone your skills' but for us it's mostly hoofing the ball into the crowd and tripping over low walls. We have become excellent at both those things however, so clearly it works.

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