We Play Little Girl Playing a Wizard in Retro Nostalgia Fest Lumo

Published 2 years ago by Jane Douglas

Crate minds think alike

Behold Xbox One gameplay from isometric nostalgia fest Lumo in which tiny wizard me shoves crates, collects cassette tapes and ponders the retro Easter eggs with which this platform puzzler is stuffed.

When we last played Lumo, we had no idea we were actually playing a little kid warped into a retro game by a wonky teleportation device.

This is what becomes apparent in the video above, with a real-world prologue setting up this gleefully meta but heretofore invisible bit of framing. I enjoy how your wizard hat matches your little kid's baseball cap.

Lumo is out now on PC and PS4 and comes out on Xbox One on release date 22 June 2016.

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