7 Secret Levels That Would Be DLC These Days

Published 3 years ago by Jane Douglas

Put a Bespin in it

Remember the secret Cloud City level in Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, Aztec in GoldenEye, and the gigantic Area 51 hidden away in Duke Nukem 3D? Remind yourself of these and further impressive bonus levels for which you'd probably get charged real money if they were made these days in the following video.

Star Wars: Jed Knight expansion Mysteries of the Sith had a mystery of its own: a secret additional level based on one of the most beloved Star Wars settings from the most beloved Star Wars film, that is, Cloud City from Empire Strikes Back.

To access the Bespin level you had to fiddle around with the files on your PC. This added the secret option to the episode list and made you feel like a cool hacker, because this was the 90s and hackers were cool.

The Bespin level, in which you played as Luke Skywalker, featured a lightsaber duel in the carbonite chamber, Boba Fett going out like a total punk, and Luke hurling himself down a big exhaust pipe to make a daring escape on the Millennium Falcon. All in a hidden wodge of non-DLC, imagine that.

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