We Help a Rock Star Join Club 27 in Hitman's Bangkok Level

Published 3 years ago by Andy Farrant

Cross out

Hitman's newest level is set in Bangkok, Thailand, in and around the luxurious Himmapan Hotel. Our targets are Jordan Cross, heir to a media empire and lead singer of the band The Class, and his lawyer Ken Morgan, who helped him escape a murder charge. See each of us help Cross join Club 27 in this Hitman gameplay.

Club 27 refers to the group of high profile rock stars who died at that age, including Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison. Cross isn't quite on their level, but it is his 27th birthday, a fact that Jane uses to her advantage when she smothers him with his own birthday cake.

I prefer the slightly more glamorous route, disguising myself in the skinny jeans and floral shirt of Cross's replacement drummer and earning his trust with some sick new wave fills before pushing him off a roof. Mike, on the other hand, instead opts to gas everyone in the hotel atrium. Less elegant, but a real timesaver.

How did you off Jordan Cross? Let us know in the comments!

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