7 Confusing Alternate Costumes That Defy Explanation: Commenter Edition

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Suit yourself

Recently we pondered some of gaming's least explicable alternate costumes. The comments revealed plenty more outlandish outfits that have baffled you, the Oxbox audience, over the years, such as Heather's Princess Heart outfit in Silent Hill 3, gangster Leon from Resident Evil 4 and Mortal Kombat X's Johnny Cage the ninja mime. Sure, that's a thing.

With the power of Silent Hill 3's 'transform costume', protagonist Heather could morph into the mighty Princess Heart, which made her look as if she had arrived in Silent Hill straight from appearing in Space Channel 5 and hadn't had time to change.

It also gave her access to a 'sexy beam', with which she shot lasers out of her eyes while whispering "sexy" because who even knows.

Gangster Leon of Resident Evil 4 fame, on the other hand, appeared to have turned up for his incredibly important mission to find the president's daughter in rural Spain dressed as a member of the chorus from Chicago. At least he brought his tommy gun, hey.

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