New Hitman Elusive Target is an Angry Celebrity Chef

Published 2 years ago by Andy Farrant

His goose is cooked

Hitman's 14th elusive target is Gabriel Santos, an angry celebrity chef known for yelling at people and hitting them with meat tenderisers. This is apparently enough to have him killed by a shadowy contract killing agency, but who will do the best job of assassinating Santos? The answer might surprise you. It did us!

In a shock move, the most proficient killer in the video above is (spoiler) Mike. Infuriatingly, Mike's terrible and explosive plan to off Santos works perfectly, alerting no one and killing only the target, despite him being surrounded by a gaggle of social media professionals.

Meanwhile, my plan of carefully tailing the target, noting his movements and observing his patterns is a total waste of time as he fails to isolate himself in the slightest. Just don't blame me if you end up with a kitchen knife to the head, Gabe, that's all I'm saying.

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