8 Times First-Person Perspective Made It Ultra Harrowing

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

A doom with a view

The first-person perspective enhances your immersion in games, letting you experience your character's adventures from right behind their simulated eyeballs. Unfortunately, it also means seeing through the eyes of your character when they get set on fire, whacked in the groin, or surgery. This would be a lot less traumatic seen from across the room, videogame, seriously. Consider the most harrowing moments we've had to endure in first person, if you dare.

About halfway through old-school shooter Quake 4, for instance, you get first-person captured and sent to the deeply unsanitary Strogg Medical Facility. It's less of a hospital and more of a fleshy factory for making more Strogg soldiers: a Borg-style mishmash of salvaged body parts, cybernetic doohickies and anger management issues.

Endured from a first-person view while you're strapped down on the Strogg Medical Facility production line, the process of Stroggification clearly focuses on being as unnecessarily long and painful as possible.

You'd think having your legs chopped off with a rusty sawblade was bad enough without also being stabbed in the gentleman's area with a giant needle for no adequately explained purpose.

Is it more or less harrowing than having the flesh burnt off your hands in Bioshock Infinite, or draping yourself with the limbs of your dead countrymen in Homefront's mass grave sequence? Who can say? Not us.

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