Oxbox Xmas Challenges Begin with Hitman and Cannonballs

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Balls to this

The Oxbox Xmas Challenge Contest returns for 2016 with a new batch of randomly drawn challenges. I'm the first to pick a challenge from the festive sack o' mystery and my task is to finish Hitman's Sapienza mission using only the throwable cannonballs. Can I get a strong start with a point on day one? Let's find out!

This is a perfect challenge for Christmas because Agent 47 is a lot like Santa - in that he travels the world, sneaks into people's houses without their knowledge, and has a sack of toys, although his are considerably more deadly than Saint Nick's.

A lucky draw for me, this, as we have firmly established that I am great at Hitman, though only being able to use cannonballs does limit my options. Apparently I'm not allowed to shoot them out of a cannon, either. So unfair.

If you missed last year's edition, why not relive the excitement of the Oxbox Xmas Challenge 2015 over on YouTube?

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