Will the Hitman Kill Everyone Challenge Derail Andy's Xmas?

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Find out on Day 10

Day 10 of the Oxbox Xmas Challenge and I am initially delighted to get a second Hitman challenge. That delight quickly turns to horror, however, when I realise that the challenge is to kill or pacify everyone on a level. That sounds incredibly difficult, even for a Hitman master like myself. Let's see how I get on.

I chose to go with the pacification option, because I am a man of peace, but that raises additional challenges in that unconscious NPCs can be woken up if they're discovered, meaning all your hard work whacking them in the face with a can of spaghetti sauce was for naught.

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Andy Farrant
Andy is co-editor at Outside Xbox, enjoys difficult moral decisions and fights like a cow. You might remember him from such defunct Xbox video channels as Inside Xbox.

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