Show of the Week: Mass Effect Andromeda and 10 Twins Not Qualified to Be Pathfinder

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Ryder your life

In Mass Effect Andromeda, you play as one of the Ryder twins, who travels to the distant Andromeda galaxy to find a new home for humanity. But being the Pathfinder is a demanding job, and you'll need more qualifications than just having been born at the same time as your sibling. Show of the Week has bad news for these other pairs of videogame twins who fail to meet the job requirements of humankind's best hope of intergalactic colonisation.

Take Billy and Jimmy Lee of Double Dragon fame, for instance, who will take orders from any old stranger they bump into. We can't have these people plotting the course for the whole human race.

Genetically engineered twins Solid and Liquid Snake, on the other hand, can't quit their bickering, while minimally dressed clones Mileena and Kitana would flash-freeze in the absolute zero of outer space.

Here's hoping your chosen Ryder twin fares better when Mass Effect Andromeda comes out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 21 March (US) and 23 March (Europe).

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