9 Murdery Games You Can Finish Without Killing Anyone

Published A year ago by Mike Channell

Making a pacifist of it

Some games let you choose either to dispense lethal justice to every enemy you come across or, alternatively, to talk, disarm and flirt your way out of trouble. Consider these 9 murdery games that you could feasibly finish without bumping anyone off.

Whether it's disarming guards using your gun disassembly skills, using trick arrows to distract them or simply shaking your moneymaker at some sentient mould, we heartily endorse any game that gives you the chance to be a pacifist. Well apart from me. I think all games should be as messy and murdery as possible. I'm less a 'peaceful unifier of peoples Gandhi' and more of a 'drunk on nuclear armament in Civilization 1 Gandhi'.

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