Show of the Week: Resident Evil 7 and 5 Signs You Should Move Out of Your Terrifying Home

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Residence evil

In Resident Evil 7, you find yourself trapped in the home of the Baker family: a dwelling almost as gruesome and freaky as the Baker family itself, with who you are unhappily trapped. If only you had seen Show of the Week, which advises on the telltale signs you've wound up in a house of horrors, you might have gotten out of there in time.

If the corridors loop endlessly instead of obeying the usual laws of time and space, for instance, you could be dealing with a house that doubles as an infinitely descending purgatory, a la the Silent Hills "playable teaser" PT.

If you are hallucinating hanged people in your drawing room, on the other hand, and bathtubs full of blood in the en suite, you may be looking at more of an Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem manor house.

Another red flag is the spontaneous appearance of holes in the walls, which could forewarn against invasion from a hellish parallel dimension or some very shoddy plastering. In either case, best clear out of there as quick as you can.

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