Show of the Week: Ghost Recon Wildlands and 5 Times We Nearly Got Kicked Off Ghost Squad

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Day of reconing

Ghost Recon Wildlands puts you in a four-person fireteam charged with taking down a brutal drug cartel threatening to take over Bolivia. It's serious business, which is why we nearly got kicked out of the squad so many times, as you'll discover in this week's Show.

In the end, we were let off with a stern warning because our infractions were as minor and understandable as hiding in the trunk of a car or herding llamas in an APC, for instance.

The llama is the national animal of Bolivia, contributes to the economy through its wool, and is totally adorable, which are all good reasons to spend time hanging around with them if you ever find yourself in Bolivia.

Maybe don't do that, though, if you're in Bolivia on a top secret government mission and you're driving an armoured personnel carrier full of special forces operatives not interested in meeting llamas. Jane had fun, but that's not what the Ghosts are here for, according to her written warning.

Ghost Recon Wildlands comes out on release date 7 March 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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