Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay: 5 New Things You Can Do in Sniper Elite 4

Published A year ago by Mike Channell

Setting your sights higher

This Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay rejoins hero Karl Fairburn, the man Nazi testicles have bad dreams about at night. This time he's in Italy, pretty much single-handedly dismantling the Nazi war machine, one pair of plums at a time.

Though the gory X-Ray kill cams are still the main attraction, Sniper Elite 4 introduces new elements such as competitive multiplayer gameplay and a co-op horde mode, in addition to the co-operative campaign mode. And yes, kill cams get spruced up as well, with new melee, explosion, shrapnel and trap kill cams.

Sniper Elite 4 comes out on release date February 14 2017 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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