Hitman Kill Quiz Decides Who is Head Hitman at Outside Xbox

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Agent of misfortune

With an assassin career stretching back 17 years, Agent 47 has racked up more hits than Abba. Time to test amateur Hitmans Mike and Andy on their Hitman history, as we show them a selection of clips starring Agent 47 as he prepares to pull off a classic kill. Can they tell us what happens next?

Hitman Blood Money is a treasure trove of memorable 'accidental' kills, among them a pyrotechnics (and shark tank) disaster at the hell club in A Dance With the Devil, a mix-up with a prop gun and a real gun at an opera in Curtains Down, and a tragic limo accident in A New Life.

But let's not forget the time the fireplace spontaneously detonated in Hitman Contracts' Beldingford Manor, the scientist who set his head on fire in Hitman Absolution's Death Factory, or the other scientist killed by his own chair, also in Hitman Absolution's Death Factory. Well, if you must work at a Death Factory.

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