We Herd Llamas in Ghost Recon Wildlands Co-op Gameplay

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Alpaca my bags

We return to Ghost Recon Wildlands' Bolivia for this Ghost Recon Wildlands co-op gameplay, rolling an APC through llama country on the way to a drug cartel outpost. Who can resist their fuzzy faces and doe eyes? Not us, apparently.

The open-world Bolivia of Ghost Recon Wildlands features 11 distinct biomes, each with native flora and distracting fauna - such as sheep, cows, dogs and the llamas in the gameplay above.

Ghost Recon Wildlands comes out on release date 7 March 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The footage in the video above was captured from the PS4 version of the game provided by publisher Ubisoft.

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