7 Times You Failed a QTE and Looked Like an Hilarious Dummy

Published 2 years ago by Jane Douglas

The fall guy

A quick time event is usually a simple button-pressing mini game that lets you pull off something cool with relative ease. In order for these interactive cutscenes to actually be interactive, though, there has to be a consequence for when you fail to hit that button - such as a humiliating pratfall. Consider these times you failed a QTE and wound up looking like an hilarious dummy instead of a cool action hero.

Take Heavy Rain's FBI Agent Norman Jayden, for one. He's known around the agency as the world's least competent agent in a foot pursuit. Or at least he is if you managed to miss more or less every button prompt in the QTE sequence in the video above, in which he chases down a fleeing suspect. Do so, and you turn Heavy Rain from a gritty thriller into a comedy masterpiece.

Chris Redfield, on the other hand, can thank his partner Sheva for mucking up in the Resident Evil 5 QTE in the video above.

Just as Newton's third law tells us for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction, for every QTE outcome where you look like an unstoppable action god, there's an equal and opposite outcome where you look like a numpty, with a neck snapped by Albert Wesker, and are dead. Sorry, Chris.

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