Behold Our Hero and Wingman Duo in Sniper Elite 4 Co-op Gameplay

Published A year ago by Mike Channell

Rifling through

Here's new Sniper Elite 4 co-op gameplay from the Xbox Version of Rebellion's latest gruesome sniping game, with its X-ray kill cams and exploding vital organs. Witness our exclusive co-op gameplay from the second level of the campaign, Bittanti: a small Italian fishing village that's about to get awfully messy.

Welcome to the daring adventures of Karl (or is it Craig?) Fairburne and his trusty but bloodthirsty sidekick, known as George Wingman to his friends (us). In this mission we have two objectives: search a graveyard and locate a partisan HQ. But if you think we're just going to leave an enemy sniper and radio operator wandering around causing Nazi mischief then think again.

Sniper Elite comes out on release date 14 February 2017.

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