Show of the Week: For Honor and 5 Least Likely Match-Ups in Games

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Honor roll

For Honor is a Deadliest Warrior-style historical mash-up that imagines a past in which vikings, knights and samurai got into scraps on the regs. As much as that makes my inner historical accuracy stickler wince, I have to admit that this is far from the least likely face-off we've ever seen in videogames - as we discover later in this week's Show.

Consider the titular match-up in EA's Plants vs Zombies series, for instance. Who could have guessed that in the rock-paper-scissors system of fighting zombies, plants kill zombies, zombies kill humans, and, presumably, humans kill plants? This is borne out at least by Jane's failures at houseplant care. So many dead ficuses.

The real winner though, is Lego Dimensions, which is pretty much Unlikely Match-Ups: The Game.

Our favourite is Batman going up against GLaDOS, the rogue AI from the completely separate fictional universe of Portal. As a bonus, he's simultaneously on a team with The Lego Movie's Wildstyle and Gandalf the Grey off of Lord of the Rings. I want to know what those guys talk about during mission downtime.

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