Project CARS 2 Gameplay: 6 Things Car Nerds Will Love

Published A year ago by Mike Channell

Weather or not

Project CARS 2 is unashamedly a game for petrolheads, and I am unashamedly a petrolhead. Well mostly unashamedly, although if you asked me exactly how many hours of motorsport I watched in 2016, I'd likely mumble the triple digit figure into my sleeve. Regardless, us enthusiasts have different priorities from more casual racing game fans, so here are the 6 things that car nerds will adore about this fantastically ambitious sim.

There are exciting new car licenses, astonishing new weather technology and a system that will prevent cautious racers from getting matchmade with amateur destruction derby drivers. Perhaps most exciting, though, is the improved tyre model, which brings me, and sim fans like me, even closer to my dream of being a racing driver. The only thing missing is any appreciable talent.

Project CARS 2 will be out on an as yet unannounced release date in late 2017.

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