Prey Gameplay: 6 Things You Need to See Right Now

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Yu better watch out

Prey is the upcoming shooter from Arkane Studios set on a futuristic space station on which things have gone horribly wrong, as if there is any other kind. We've played the first hour, and are here to share six things that you're going to want to see if you're excited for Prey and don't mind some minor story spoilers for the very start of the game.

This new Prey gameplay gives us our first proper look at protagonist Morgan Yu, both the male version, as seen in the trailers up to this point, and the female version. You can choose between them in a Fallout 4-style mirror sequence at the start of the game.

We also get a look at the GLOO cannon, which shoots clumps of an instant-hardening foam that expands and traps enemies inside. It's not just an offensive weapon though - the GLOO cannon can also be used to put out fires and stop electric arcs, and, most useful of all, to create platforms, allowing you to make temporary bridges to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Prey comes out on release date 5 May 2017. Previously on Outside Xbox: 5 Times Prey Was Dead Space Meets Dishonored

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