Hitman Elusive Target The Warlord Has a Safe Full of Secrets

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

USB or not to be

Hitman's 20th elusive target is Adeze Oijofor, a West African warlord currently staying at the Himmapan hotel in Bangkok. In addition to knocking off the warlord, we also need to retrieve maps and digital files located on a USB stick in a safe somewhere in the hotel. Is Mike up to the stealth challenge? The answer may surprise you!

When the entirety of Mike's plan is 'shuriken rampage', you might think that a successful mission is off the cards, but you'd be surprised by how effective it is. Tougher is locating the USB stick, as those things are tiny and that hotel is massive. Maybe it's in the incredibly well guarded security room?

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