7 Physically Implausible Things Game Heroes Do All the Time

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Get on your feat

Your typical videogame action hero is fitter, stronger and more voiced by Troy Baker than we will ever be. This, we have come to accept. We've also come to accept that a game hero or heroine can typically do a whole bunch of things that are physically implausible, if not straight-up biomechanically impossible. Ponder with us now, these incredible physical feats that videogame heroes are pulling off every day like it's nothing.

Take the potentially infinite jogging of Nathan Drake, the way Lara Croft can fall into a body of water from any height without injury, or the way Ezio Auditore can hang by his fingertips, drop several storeys, then catch another ledge by just those same muscular fingertips.

That's to say nothing of the way a Call of Duty hero can heal bullet wounds by crouching for a few moments behind cover, or how Jason Brody of Far Cry 3 fame cannot be damaged in battle except through his vulnerable forearms, much like Achilles and his one super weaksauce heel.

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