Resident Evil 7's Bedroom DLC Is Stephen King's Misery But With Centipedes

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Bed, bugs and beyond

Resident Evil 7's first two batches of Banned Footage DLC have dropped on Xbox One, and we attempt the restful-sounding Bedroom VHS tape in this video. Sadly, said bedroom is in the Baker house, and therefore full of horrible people vomiting centipedes onto your face. See for yourself how Mike and I handled the horror in this Resident Evil 7 DLC gameplay.

In the Bedroom DLC you are playing as Clancy Javis, the luckless member of the ghost-hunting TV crew from the game's demo, who between that demo, this DLC, the 21 DLC and the Happy Birthday tape is having the worst day anyone's ever had.

Much like the protagonist in Stephen King's Misery, Clancy is confined to a bed by a threatening captor - Marguerite Baker, in this case - and the aim of the DLC is to escape the bedroom without Marguerite discovering what you're up to.

As such, it plays out like an escape-the-room puzzle, with you trying to uncover the room's many secrets without making enough noise to bring Marguerite back upstairs to check on you.

If that happens, you've got a small window of time to reset the room and get back into bed so as not to arouse suspicion. It is exactly as stressful as it sounds.

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