7 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories We Hope Are True

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

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A good fan theory about your favourite game is like bacon bits in your milkshake. You're not sure if it's right, or what the inventor of the milkshake intended, but it still blows your mind. The best theories offer intriguing new possibilities and let us see the games we love in a twisted new light. Just have a think about these, the fan theories so mind-blowing we hope they're true.

Among these melon-twisting theories is the one where Squall was dead for most of Final Fantasy 8, the one where Shepard was being indoctrinated for most of Mass Effect 3, and the one where Overwatch hero Soldier 76 is father of fellow hero Pharah.

My personal favourite however, is the theory that in Bioshock Infinite Songbird's giant robotic suit houses yet another version of protagonist Booker Dewitt from yet another alternate dimension.

The game's Burial at Sea DLC showed us that there is a human inside Songbird, and with several different versions of Booker running around, who is to say one didn't end up inside a giant robot bird shell? It would explain why he's so protective of Elizabeth, and only rank somewhere in the middle of the worst things ever done by the city of Columbia.

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