Let's Replay Red Dead Redemption: Johnny Meets Bonnie

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

How the West was begun

Due to a hard drive failure, my Red Dead Redemption save is gone forever. No, do not cry for me, even though it was a 100 percent complete save with the Bureau Uniform unlocked and everything, because it means I get to play it all again in anticipation of Red Dead Redemption 2. This time I've got Jane and Mike to keep me company through my adventures in New Austin.

This first episode of Red Dead Redemption gameplay begins with John's arrival into New Austin, his initial attempt to capture Bill Williamson by standing out in the open and getting shot, and his time spent recovering at McFarlane's Ranch, where he meets Bonnie McFarlane for the first time.

Towards the end, we do some cool cowboying, rounding up gang members with Armadillo's sheriff. Ah, memories.

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