Resident Evil 7's Daughters DLC Lets You Play as Zoe

Published 11 months ago by Andy Farrant

Resident Evie

Resident Evil 7's Daughters DLC gives us a glimpse into the Baker family's life before they turned into immortal, centipede-vomiting monsters. Sadly, it's not long before Evie shows up at the house and things go from zero to monstery super fast. Join us on this magical journey in this Resident Evil 7 DLC gameplay.

In the Daughters DLC you play as Zoe Baker, daughter of Jack and Marguerite and sister to Lucas, who ends up fleeing and hiding from her own family as they're taken over by pint-sized bioweapon Evie.

The DLC contains both a 'bad' and a 'true' ending, so called because it could hardly be considered a 'good' ending. Still, hang around until the end of the video above to see how that pans out.

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