6 Changes to Combat in Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Pathfinders keepers

Mass Effect has always been about exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, and then shooting them with exciting sci fi guns and blue sci fi magic. But Mass Effect Andromeda is a new game, with a new hero, set in a whole new galaxy with a whole new combat system. Take a look at the biggest changes to combat in this new Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay.

Unlike Commander Shepard, who couldn't even jump outside of context prompts, Pathfinder Ryder is much more mobile, thanks to his or her handy jet pack. It's not unlimited but you can use it to do quick boost jumps to pop out of cover or to fall back into a better position, as well as darting left or right to avoid enemy attacks.

In addition to that, taking cover is no longer a case of pressing the appropriate button and snapping into position like someone just turned on a powerful electromagnet.

Now, cover is a lot more fluid, allowing you to take cover behind whatever you can find, move around behind it freely, and still vault over cover to move up the battlefield. Or, if you're feeling particularly flash, a cool forward roll. I am always feeling flash.

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