8 Least Ethical Ways to Make a Super Soldier

Published 2 years ago by Jane Douglas

Soldier of misfortune

Super soldiers are soldiers enhanced by artificial means to be stronger, faster and more super. Just as there's more than one way to skin a cat, though, there's more than one way to create a super soldier - and like the various ways of skinning a cat, methods for making super soldiers tend to be a bit icky. Ethically icky, that is.

For the next time you need to build a super soldier, for work or just for fun, avoid the sketchy schemes outlined in the video above.

The Spartan II program that gave us Halo's hulking Master Chief, for instance, involved kidnapping young recruits for a military program that killed or maimed half its subjects with radical, experimental augmentation procedures.

Armacham Technology Corporation from survival horror shooter FEAR, meanwhile, could give Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation a run for its money in the field of ethically murky military R and D.

However many freaky bioweapons Umbrella created and failed to keep under control, Umbrella never put a little girl in a coma, locked her in a vault, and eventually impregnated her with clone embryos to breed psychic super soldiers, that we know of.

Is that better or worse than a soldier mentally disturbed in childhood by the horrors of war then stuffed into an animal-themed super suit? This is the question neglected by private military outfit Outer Heaven when it created the Beauty and the Beast Unit for Metal Gear Solid 4.

This super squad was formed by taking four girls with debilitating post-traumatic stress and turning them into a squad of violently unpredictable supermodels dressed as cyborg animals. We'd say you can't argue with the results, but then all four utterly fail to complete their mission of destroying Solid Snake. Back to the drawing board, hey, Liquid Ocelot.

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