Jerk Ryder Gets a Spaceship in Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay

Published A year ago by Mike Channell

Scott free

In the continued adventures of Jerk Ryder, the new Pathfinder on the block is tossed the keys to a state-of-the-art spaceship after 30 minutes on the job. Later, he establishes a brand new, eye-boilingly garish Pathfinder uniform. Beware spoilers (albeit from very early in the game).

Elsewhere in the Mass Effect gameplay above, we explore the Nexus space station (that is, Mass Effect Andromeda's equivalent of the Mass Effect Citadel), and attempt to sniff out a nightclub for some celebratory champagne. Having survived the whole Habitat 7 snafu in last week's Let's Play, we could use a drink.

Beware of early game spoilers and a general tendency to choose the most ridiculous conversation options, the most garish clothing, and to loudly announce how unqualified and inexperienced we are as humanity's Pathfinder.

This is gameplay from the PC version of Mass Effect Andromeda, but it's also available now on Xbox One and PS4. Mass Effect Andromeda comes out on release date 21 March 2017 (North America) and 23 March 2017 (Europe).

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