8 Achievements That Took Serious Planning: Commenter Edition

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Organised crime

We recently recalled the achievements that took more planning than a piss-up in prohibition-era Pittsburgh, and asked if you had any of your own tales of cheevos that put you through organisational nightmares. The answer was yes, you definitely did have those. For which, see these achievements submitted for your consideration in the comments of that earlier video.

Take, for example, the Go Outside achievement from The Stanley Parable, a game so self-aware we're surprised it hasn't developed sentience and turned on its creators.

This achievement asks you to not play the Stanley Parable for five years, which, since The Stanley Parable came out in 2013, means that anyone with their eye on this Steam achievement must still be waiting, patiently not playing their game until some point in 2018 at the earliest.

You can do it, folks! We believe in you. Just hang on in there for one more year. Or cheat it by fiddling with your computer's clock.

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