We Prevent Masked Murders in Time-Looping Puzzler Sexy Brutale

Published 11 months ago by Jane Douglas

Brutale as old as time

Sexy Brutale is an intricate puzzler in which you must prevent the many simultaneous murders taking place in a single day at luxe casino mansion the Sexy Brutale, where the masked staff are offing the masked guests. In the following gameplay footage our only hope at figuring out this swanky murderhouse and saving would-be victims is a magic pocket watch that resets time, so wish us luck.

The gameplay footage above takes place in a simpler, more isolated part of the Sexy Brutale - the rest of the guests are scattered all over the larger, more open mansion.

The thing that really bakes your noodle while playing Sexy Brutale, though, is how you intermittently hear bumps and rumbles from elsewhere in the house while solving one murder puzzle; these are the sounds of other murders happening all over the place, at once.

Though you won't have to eventually solve all the puzzles and save all the guests in one single day's loop, it's still daunting to imagine all the interlocking murder stories taking place around you concurrently. At least you've got all the time in the world to stop them, hey?

Sexy Brutale comes out on release date 11 April 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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