Creepy Asylum Plus Creepy Doll Equals Maximum Creepy in The Town of Light Gameplay

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Swings and roundabouts

The Town of Light is a first person psychological adventure game set in an asylum in Italy in the first part of the Twentieth Century. Playing as Renee, a former patient, Mike, along with Luke and Ellen from Outside Xtra, head back to the asylum to solve the mysteries of her past. Or, they will, as soon as they stop playing on the equipment in the nearby playground.

While it doesn't explicitly bill itself as a horror game, The Town of Light is pretty darn creepy, not least because of the inclusion of a creepy doll that the OX team had to carry around with them for a good portion of their time with the game. If that thing starts talking, we are out of here.

The Town of Light is out on Xbox One in Spring 2017. Previously on Outside Xbox: Outlast Sequel Outlast 2 Still Night Vision Horror Tour, Sorry Andy.

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