Mass Effect Andromeda: Our Novice Pathfinder Ryder Explores First Alien Vault

Published 11 months ago by Mike Channell

The vault in our stars

Barely qualified human Pathfinder Scott Ryder gets his first true test of combat prowess in this Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay as we venture into the first Remnant vault in search of alien atmospheric processing technology. What we find is lots of things that need shooting in their robot faces.

Our Jerk Ryder is upstaged by his companions Cora and Liam; Cora's penchant for teleporting directly into danger and then punching it contrasts nicely with Liam unloading an entire magazine's worth of ammo into the side of our heads.

So many questions are answered in this episode. Will Ryder activate the atmospheric processor? (Yes.) Will Ryder escape with his life? (Just about.) Will Ryder learn to take pathfinding seriously? (Not a chance.)

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