Project Scorpio Specs Revealed: 7 Reasons You Need One

Published 11 months ago by Mike Channell

4K it over

Project Scorpio is the upcoming 4K-enabled Xbox One, but there's much more to it than 4K. With the help of the Digital Foundry experts who have seen the console running, we reveal why you need a Project Scorpio in your life. Tech expert Rich Leadbetter is exactly the person to take us through the vital statistics of what stands to be the most powerful console in the world.

With the new Project Scorpio Xbox it seems Microsoft will gain the technological lead from Sony. The PS4 Pro is an impressive bit of kit, using clever upscaling to achieve its 4K gameplay; Microsoft's Project Scorpio, meanwhile, uses brute force power to ensure true 4K gameplay, and still has some muscle left over for added graphical prettiness.

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