Show of the Week: Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition and the 5 Dickest Moves by Game Heroes

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Grayson disfavour

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition brings the acclaimed 2011 shooter to Xbox One with prettier graphics, all its previous DLC, and a new game mode called Overkill. It's a great chance to get reacquainted with Bulletstorm hero Grayson Hunt, although, considering what a total jerk he is, you might be reconsidering spending any more time with him. At least he's in good company, as we find out later in the Show.

Bulletstorm hero Grayson Hunt is a stupid, amoral space pirate, sure, but even stupid, amoral space pirates would probably think twice about attacking a giant battlecruiser with their rinky dink space barge. Especially while drunk and with their entire crew disagreeing with them.

Not Grayson though, who crashes his ship right into said battlecruiser in his drunken thirst for revenge. “Thanks a lot”, his crew would have said, if any of them had survived.

Just as bad is Booker DeWitt, from Bioshock Infinite. After freeing Elizabeth from the tower in which she's been imprisoned her entire life, Booker interrupts the first bit of fun she's had since she was born to lie to her about taking her to Paris, a plan that is only foiled because it turns out that women are capable of learning geography.

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