Mass Effect Andromeda: Jerk Ryder Flirts with the Entire Crew of the Tempest

Published 11 months ago by Mike Channell

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Watch as Jerk Ryder completes a sexy lap of the ship, attempting to romance anything that isn't properly secured to the hull. Will his trademark neon pink jacket help his chances of getting his space rocks off? Find out this and more in another thrilling episode.

Much like everything else, including the job of Pathfinder, pick-up lines are not Jerk Ryder's forte. They range from the classic 'I'd love to hear more, perhaps over dinner' to the more surreal 'showing up is just one of my talents'.

Having tried it on with every member of the crew, no doubt breaking Pathfinder protocol multiple times, we're setting up for not just a love triangle but a love dodecahedron.

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