Jane Gets the Drop on Hitman Elusive Target 23

Published 11 months ago by Andy Farrant

All of the lights

Hitman's newest elusive target is Kieran Hudson, a paparazzo with a price on his head after he ruined the career of a sitcom star with his scurrilous rumours. So, we're back in Paris to collect, with a nice, discreet chandelier accident that will kill no more than two additional people. Three, tops.

A nice, straightforward elusive target this, with no additional objectives and no security detail for the target. The only intel we're given ahead of time is that Hudson is in Paris to take photos of the fashion designer in the backstage area of the fashion show.

While our initial plan to choke out the fashion designer, put on his clothes and take his place is sound in theory, the game decides that, for once, an outfit doesn't suit 47, so it's back to the chandelier we go.

Are all these elusive targets taking place on the same night as the main story mission set in Paris? 47 is really earning that paycheck, you guys.

Kieran is in Paris until April 18, if you would like to try for yourself. Previously on Outside Xbox: Hitman Elusive Target 21 Demands Death by Viral Infection

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