Cities Skylines Xbox One Edition: 7 Reasons to Move to Oxboxford (Sponsored Content)

Published 11 months ago by Jane Douglas

Suburban legends

With Cities Skylines coming to console, it's time for us aspiring civil engineers on Xbox One to have a crack at the city-building simulation beloved by PC players. So consider the following Cities Skylines gameplay on Xbox One and reasons to move immediately to the utopian beachside city of Oxboxford, brought to you by Outside Xbox and sponsor Cities Skylines: Xbox One Edition.

At last, Outside Xbox can found the utopian beachside city of which we've always dreamed: the city of Oxboxford, known for its fabulous seafront, its great driving roads, and its plentiful clean water supplied by world-class waterworks infrastructure, and don't let anyone else tell you different.

This video is sponsored content brought to you by Outside Xbox and sponsor Cities Skylines.

Cities Skylines: Xbox One Edition includes the full original game and the After Dark expansion, and comes out on Xbox One on release date 21 April 2017.

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