Everything is Mimics in New Prey Gameplay

Published 11 months ago by Andy Farrant

Mugged off

Jane and I venture back to the space station Talos 1 for more Prey gameplay. This time, we're in the Psychotronics lab, a place so full of shapeshifting mimics that the lab staff have to put post-it notes on everything with 'not a mimic' written on them. But what if a mimic turned into a post-it note, lab assistants? What then?

To be fair, we're not really helping matters, as first chance we get, we invest all our neuromods in the alien Mimic skill, and transform ourselves into a coffee mug.

This skill is useful for hiding from enemies, as well as fitting through tight gaps to create new paths. If you are trying to use it for stealth, however, you should avoid getting over excited and rolling directly into the nearest phantom, like I might have done. Mug is right, I guess.

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