Mass Effect Andromeda: Jerk Ryder Finds a Nightclub (Finally)

Published 11 months ago by Mike Channell

Pour show

We've been at this Pathfinder business in the company of Jerk Ryder for only a couple of hours and we've already forgotten our prime directive. Instead we decide to celebrate the founding of a colony on Eos by making a beeline to the nearest nightclub. Naturally things can only go downhill from there and given that there's no such thing as 'downhill' in space, that's saying something.

Commander Shepard always had a fine appreciation of space nightlife and it's encouraging to know that in Andromeda, even with humanity on the verge of extinction and casting out to find a new home in a far-flung galaxy, there's still the opportunity to get absolutely lasered on space booze. Priorities!

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