See Us Build Our Dream Beachside City in Cities Skylines

Published 11 months ago by Jane Douglas

O give me a home

Cities Skylines is launching soon on Xbox One, and we've always fancied ourselves as the benevolent if easily distracted mayor of a great city. Watch us fire up the city sim that's not sim city in this Cities Skylines: Xbox One Edition gameplay, in which we establish the overfunded, underwatered beachside utopia of Oxboxford.

Despite having infinite cash and the best interests of its citizens at heart, the city's triumvirate of mayors (us) struggles to pipe clean water to everyone who wants it. We can only hope the Oxboxford's innovative road shapes and fabulous colossal statue (of us) is adequate compensation.

Extracts of the Cities Skylines gameplay video above appeared in last week's video 7 Reasons to Move to Oxboxford Immediately. Go behind the scenes now and discover the full, real story behind the founding of Oxboxford. Doomed experiment or daring new vision for urban planning? You decide.

Cities Skylines: Xbox One Edition comes out on Xbox One on release date 21 April 2017.

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