6 Ways Star Wars Battlefront 2 Fixes What You Hated in Battlefront

Published 10 months ago by Mike Channell

Can't win 'em Maul

As a first stab by DICE at a Star Wars Battlefront game, 2015's Star Wars Battlefront was impressive but flawed. Over two years of unending galactic conflict, fans have identified several infuriating elements of the experience and, fortunately, DICE has fixed six of the biggest offenders for sequel Star Wars Battlefront 2, which arrives in November of this year. Consider these Star Wars Battlefront bugbears that are fixed for the follow-up.

Battlefront 2 is going to offer a proper single-player campaign, for starters, and better yet, it's going to let you play as the baddies, in the time-honoured style of games such as Tie Fighter and Force Unleashed.

At the same time, Battlefront 2 will encompass multiple Star Wars eras, so naturally we're expecting a big focus on The Force Awakens and some sneaky teases for Episode VIII. We're also getting maps and heroes based on the prequel trilogy this time around, which means you'll be flipping around the battlefield as angry ladybird man Darth Maul.

And let's not forget the biggest omission of all from the 2015 game: space battles, which were conspicuously absent until the Death Star DLC turned up. Publisher EA has clearly learned its lesson, because 24-player space battles are a big new feature in the upcoming game, with the ability to take out capital ships, weave through asteroids and fly across Imperial dock yards.

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