7 Times You Got Punished for Needlessly Being a Jackass

Published 10 months ago by Andy Farrant

Karma? Pur-lease

Not all games stand idly by when you act like a jerk for no reason, as anyone who's beaten up a chicken in a Zelda game can tell you. Some skip the standard morality meter in favour of direct punishment, as in The Warriors, Banjo Kazooie, Resident Evil 4 and Spelunky. Consider the karmic smackdowns in the following video, and be warned.

PS2 game The Warriors, for instance, is based on the film of the same name and finds the titular gang in hostile territory and hunted by every other gang in New York as they make their way back to Coney Island.

In the face of these insurmountable odds, it is unwise and unhelpful to try duffing up your fellow Warriors, like a treacherous jerk.

If you do decide to thump a member of your gang, you'll quickly regret it when your former allies turn on you, hitting harder than any of the actual enemies you face in the game.

Betrayal is also met with swift, severe retribution in Resident Evil 4. You may have your reasons for wanting to shoot your nominal ally Luis Sera - that waistcoat, for a start.

When the two of you are trapped in a cabin fighting off hordes of angry ganados, however, it's in your best interests to work with him to repel the advancing horde.

The man throws you ammo and does his fair share of shooting so really, you should leave him alone. What's more, if you do betray Luis, or even hit him accidentally too many times, your Leon Kennedy gets shot to bits by his erstwhile comrade, with zombies still battering down the door. Embarrassing, really. Let that be a lesson to you, probably about humans being the real monsters, Leon.

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