Show of the Week: Outlast 2 and 5 Signs You Should GTFO Immediately

Published 10 months ago by Andy Farrant

You gotta be leave

Outlast 2 follows investigative journalist Blake Langermann who is investigating the murder of a woman in the Arizona desert when he runs into a cult, and things go all Outlast 1. Blake does ignore all the warning signs to get out of there immediately, though, such as spooky crows, weird religious art, and corpses, so this is partially his own doing. This is the case with many other videogame heroes, we discover later in the show.

It's probably a bad sign, for example, if you're having horrific nightmares about the place you're in before you've even had a chance to look around properly, like Harry Mason in the original Silent Hill.

It could be that the town of Silent Hill in Maine is a lovely, albeit foggy place to spend a relaxing vacation, but when you can't catch forty winks without seeing horrifying visions of broken wheelchairs, mutant dogs and people being crucified on chain link fences, maybe it's wiser to turn the car around, Harry, and just go back to Orlando like last year.

On the other hand, if you're a police officer being called to the scene of some grisly murders, like detective Sebastian Castellanos in The Evil Within, you have less of an excuse for pulling a U-turn and gunning it home at the first telltale sign of danger.

That being said, even the hardest-assed police chief would probably let you go home early if when you checked the security tapes of the mental hospital you've been sent to investigate, you saw a teleporting murderer killing a bunch of security guards with his mind powers. Maybe time for a career change, at that point.

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