Witness the 10 Least Survivable Things in Injustice 2

Published 10 months ago by Andy Farrant

On a Batwing and a prayer

Injustice 2 is a fighting game in which the fighting is all done by superheroes. It looks like fun, sure, but before you consider fighting a superhero yourself, bear in mind you will almost certainly be horribly killed. Or at least you will while they are all using moves like these.

Batman, as we all know, has a strict no-killing rule, because if he were to kill people, he'd be no better than the criminals he's trying to bring to justice. Which makes it a bit odd that his super move in Injustice 2 involves obliterating them with heavy artillery fire from the Batwing.

Still more forgiving than Supergirl's super move, which sees her fly her opponent around the sun, before using her laser eyes to smash them back down to earth, along with several thousand tons of space rocks. And in the Injustice universe, she's the nice one in the family.

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