Outlast 2 Hero's Worst Day Ever Begins With Helicopter Crash

Published 10 months ago by Jane Douglas

Blake hawk down

Here's Outlast 2 gameplay in which we steer unlucky cameraman Blake Langermann through the backwater digs of a murder cult in search of Blake's even less lucky wife Lynn. Beware horror, gore, jumpscares and scary folk art corpse sculpture in the following gameplay from Outlast 2 on Xbox One.

Cameraman Blake and journalist Lynn are choppering into a remote spot in Northern Arizona to report on a murder. The investigation is cut short by the helicopter carrying the protagonist crashing, with all the inevitability of a helicopter carrying a protagonist crashing.

From there, post-crash Blake's only options are run, hide or die as he searches for his wife through a rustic murdervillage of angry cultists, documents the horror with his night-vision camcorder, and is menaced by a very tall woman with a very large axe.

Outlast 2 is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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